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3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Private Investigator

The first time you hire a private detective in Columbus or elsewhere in Ohio can be difficult. You’re searching for answers, you don’t know who to trust, and you don’t know what to look for. What constitutes a good private detective? There are plenty out there, and some are certainly better than others. If you’re looking to hire a private investigator, you’re probably looking for someone who can get answers for you quickly, and discreetly. Whether it’s a child custody battle, workers compensation, or a marital dispute, you want to be sure that you’re hiring the best. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time finding a private detective, or you’re looking to hire a new one, here are three things to look for.

Licenses and Qualifications

If you’re hiring a private investigator, the first thing you need to look for is whether or not they’re licensed. Private detectives in Ohio must be licensed to practice, with extensive field experience and specialized training. A licensed private detective understands what they can and cannot do, and the laws that govern their field. Seabolt Investigations’ Benjamin Seabolt is fully licensed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Private Investigator and Security Guard Services division. However, having a license is not the only qualification that means something. Seabolt is also a member of the Ohio Association of Security and Investigation Services, and the National Council of Investigation and Security Services. Both memberships are extensive resources to help provide you with the best service and get you the answers you’re looking for. 


When choosing the right private investigator for your situation, you want someone who has extensive experience in the field. It also helps if they have experience with law enforcement. Fortunately, Benjamin Seabolt has both. He spent years serving as an Ohio State Trooper before being promoted to Sergeant in the Ohio State Highway Patrol. As a private detective, Benjamin Seabolt has helped countless people in a range of different situations, from cheating spouses, to child custody battles. Having such an extensive background on both sides of law enforcement makes him uniquely prepared to help answer any questions you might have. 


Qualifications and licenses don’t mean anything if a private investigator can’t get the answers you’re looking for. The most important thing to look for is results. When hiring a private investigator, you’re in a unique position of vulnerability. You have questions that need answers, quickly and discreetly, and if you hire someone with no proven track record, they can spend days learning nothing. Benjamin Seabolt was a member of the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Special Criminal Interdiction Unit, for both southern and central Ohio. Each year of his extensive career he was a recipient of the OSHP’s ‘Criminal Patrol’ award. In 2009, he led all of Ohio in felony level arrests, including drug, weapon, and money investigations. He also was given the OSHP ‘Ace’ award for recovering multiple stolen vehicles. Before he retired, he was promoted to the supervisory position of Sergeant in the Lancaster Post. These experiences in both field work and supervisory roles resulted in awards, arrests and completed investigations. He was known for his results. And Benjamin Seabolt has brought that dedication to quality and answers to Seabolt Investigations. 

It’s important to focus on three main factors when hiring a private investigator. Qualifications, Experience and Results. The intersection of these three requirements is Benjamin Seabolt of Seabolt Investigations. Fully licensed, experienced, and effective, he should be your first choice when deciding on a private investigator.