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How Law Enforcement Experience Adds Credibility to an Ohio Private Detective Agency

If you are looking to hire a private investigator in Ohio, it is likely because you are looking for answers. Whether the question involves a cheating spouse, child custody battle, worker’s compensation, or something else, searching for a private detective agency can be a stressful time in life.

These are often time-sensitive situations where there is not much time to research which credentials qualify a private investigator to uncover the truth. In addition to the Private Investigators & Security Services (PISGS) license required to become a private investigator in Ohio, there are several ways to earn experience in the business. We’ve gone beyond this requirement and are also members of the Ohio Association of Security and Investigation Services (OASIS) and National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS).

Many investigators are fully licensed after completing the minimum compulsory coursework or training. Since several states do not have higher education or experience requirements, some PIs may not have the experience necessary to get your questions answered. Benjamin Seabolt earned his experience serving as a State Trooper and then as a Sergeant in the Ohio State Highway Patrol and has covered hundreds of cases, along with countless hours of courtroom testimonials. 

Seabolt’s proven track record of uncovering answers during his time with Ohio’s State Highway Patrol has prepared him to best serve you. Previous law enforcement experience makes Seabolt Investigations a uniquely qualified private detective agency capable of answering the most momentous questions. His efforts have led to hundreds of drug busts on Ohio’s highways and he’ll use these surveillance methods to confirm your husband or wife’s infidelity. 

Another benefit of previous law enforcement experience is Benjamin’s access to resources and connections. Having entered a multitude of arrests into public records himself allows for swift data reviewing and collection to alleviate your concerns as quickly as possible. Working with public records has honed his keen eye for attention to detail and keeps him prepared for any situation. 

There is simply no substitute for law enforcement experience to become the most efficient private investigator possible. Serving as an Ohio State Trooper and Sergeant has provided our agency with the qualifications and credibility essential to provide the answers you need. We will ask the right questions and discover the best methods to serve you. 

If you are seeking more information on how we can use our past experience to answer your questions or are ready to have Benjamin Seabolt on your case, reach out to us anytime at (740) 541-064. We are ready to surpass your expectations to discover the truth.