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What Qualifies a Private Detective to Serve You?

When hiring a private detective, you want to hire the best. There are plenty of private detective agencies out there, and all are not created equal. You need someone you can trust, who will get you answers and the evidence to back them up. Whether it’s a marital dispute, a child custody battle, or workers’ compensation, you need to be sure that you’re hiring the best. But what qualifies a private detective to serve you? Read on to discover why Seabolt Investigations is ideally suited to serve you. 

Licenses and Memberships

The first factor to take into account when deciding which private investigator to hire is their qualifications. Ohio requires all private detectives to be licensed, with extensive practical work experience and specific training. Benjamin Seabolt is fully licensed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Private Investigator and Security Guard Services division. While every Ohio Private Detective must have that license to operate, Benjamin Seabolt has gone above and beyond. He is also a member of the Ohio Association of Security and Investigation Services, and the National Council of Investigation and Security Services. Both memberships provide support, networking and services to Private Detectives, allowing Seabolt Investigations to provide the best results.


They say that the best way to learn is to do. And Benjamin Seabolt has done it all. Seabolt spent years serving as an Ohio State Trooper before becoming a Sergeant in the Ohio State Highway Patrol. He was a member of the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Special Criminal Interdiction Units, and received a multitude of awards, including the OSHP’s “Criminal Patrol” award every year of his career, and the “Ace” award for recovering multiple stolen vehicles. In 2009, Seabolt led the state in felony-level arrests. Seabolt was involved in hundreds of drug busts during his time on the OSHP, and countless hours in court testimonies. Seabolt’s extensive background in law enforcement has made him uniquely accustomed to investigations and surveillance.


Benjamin Seabolt’s network of connections allows him to get your questions answered as quickly as possible. From his resources used during his time in law enforcement to his memberships in multiple Ohio private detectives associations, he’s uniquely positioned to serve you. His background of arrests has given him a keen eye for detail, and extensive knowledge of public records. Benjamin Seabolt’s access to tools often used by law enforcement puts him in the best position to answer any question you may have efficiently and effectively.


At Seabolt investigations, we are here to answer your questions. We are ready to serve you. Whether it’s to investigate infidelity or maintain custody of your child, you are our top priority. Benjamin Seabolt has been involved in hundreds of cases over his career in law enforcement, and has brought those thousands of hours of experience to Seabolt Investigations. His record of excellence is well documented, and he applies that level of dedication to each case he investigates. If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us or call today at (740) 541-0647.