Private Investigator for Child Custody in Ohio

Seabolt Investigations, LLC has former law enforcement officers, some with experience as a Sergeant in Ohio’s State Highway Patrol. Our team is experienced with any kind of criminal case in Ohio and is prepared to solve your child custody case. We understand the pressing nature of your situation and will do everything we can to get you the answers you need so you can protect your child during a divorce.

If you are going through an unpleasant marital dispute or difficult divorce, child custody will be a primary concern for you and your former spouse. Unfortunately, in these situations, the child is frequently used as a negotiation tactic for a monetary gain during the process. Once the custody and visitation agreements are in place, the child’s well-being is often not a priority. In that case, you need a private investigator in Ohio.

If you suspect your child is being neglected or put in harm’s way in Columbus or any other area of Ohio, our child custody private investigators can coordinate with your attorney to protect your child’s rights and your custodial rights.

Here are some questions to consider during child custody battles:

  • How will the new partner in your ex’s life affect your child?
  • Is the new partner cohabitating with an ex while your child is in the home?
  • Is any alcohol use, drug use, or criminal activity occurring in your child’s presence?
  • Do you suspect your child is being abandoned, abused, or neglected?

We are a specialized child custody rights investigator in Ohio who will ask the right questions to help uncover the truth. We seek the facts and evidence that the legal system requires to change a child custody order. These investigations are often time-sensitive and require immediate surveillance activity. Our private detectives in Ohio will provide prompt service for your child custody concerns.

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