Private Investigator for Cheating Wife in Ohio

If you are looking for a cheating wife private investigator, it’s because you need answers. Allow Benjamin Seabolt to use his years of experience in law enforcement, serving as a Sergeant in Ohio’s State Highway Patrol, to get you the evidence you need. Our team of Ohio private detectives can help answer the question, “is my wife cheating on me?”

Going through a marital dispute is an unwelcoming circumstance and we understand you may not know where to turn for help. If you are located in Columbus or anywhere in the state of Ohio and you suspect your wife of cheating or having an affair, you can turn to Seabolt Investigations. You will have an experienced Ohio private detective on the case who will provide tangible evidence to catch a cheating spouse and bring you peace of mind.

Seabolt Investigations is your trusted source for Ohio private investigators who can catch a cheating wife. We also deal with other marital dispute issues. We can help find an estranged spouse or provide support during alimony allegations. Even if you just need information about these services, call us today.

We also provide investigations into child custody, workers comp and any other service you need. No matter the question, we’ll get you answers.

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